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Merle Pomeranians



     Merle is a very interesting exotic and unique color pattern. They are also rare because of the very carefully breeding that is required to produce a litter. This pattern is becoming very popular and at the same time controversial. We select our breeding coulpes very carefuly after studying both parents' pedigrees very carefuly. 

It's a fairly new pattern, but recently have been quite a few AKC merle show ring champions. 

Until recently it was hardly seen in this breed.   It is a term that actually describes many variations of coloring.   The 3 loveliest and most seen combinations are:


  • Blue Merle Pomeranians

  • Red Merle

  • Chocolate Merle


My favorie combinantion is a blue merle, and this is what i specialize in.


  Aside from this, there are other color combos as well.  In addition, they may have markings… For example, a blue Merle Pomeranian with tan markings, like on the photo above. Markings are not always present, but if they are they are most often seen on the under belly, neck and points.Therefore, one Merle Pom can and often does look completely different than another one.  There are many variations.This term explains a color combination of a base and at least 1 other color, and in most cases more than 1.So what makes this different than a parti Pom (a dog with 2 or more hues to the coat)?  The main base is usually blue, black, red or brown.



And it is the secondary color that is set in such a way to have a speckled or mottled appearance.  This top color may be one or more of several; however it is almost always a lighter shade than the base.

Another important element is the eye coloring and skin color that goes along with this.  The gene that creates this color will affect the dark pigment in the Pom’s eyes….They will may be a gorgeous light blue, a shiny dark sapphire or a light to medium brown with indigo specks.

The nose and paw pads are often a pattern of speckles of pink and black that is quite unique.

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