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                                                         Teacup Pomeranians

                                                                                  The Truth Behind  Mini Pomeranians



         There is no such recognized breed as the Teacup, miniature, toy Pomeranian or any other name that implies that there is a separate and distinct dog breed, smaller than the standard Pom, which is "special". 

There is only one Pomeranian dog breed in the USA and many, many other countries all around the world.  "Teacup" in regard to Pomeranians is a marketing term.
However, this name may be used by breeders as a verb (meaningful small) to describe a Pomeranian who falls on the low end of the accepted weight scale.

What is not acceptable, would be a breeder who purposefully breeds unethically, to produce dogs who are smaller size than nature intended.

The only real and recognized breed is simply the "Pomeranian". And they are small enough, as they are a toy sized breed.
A dog who falls under the accepted weight will most likely have many health issues.
Also, any breeder who also shows...would not try to produce smaller than natural Poms, as they would not be accepted into the AKC show ring.
To make sure that you obtain a healthy, well bred purebred Pomeranian, go to a reputable, honest Pomeranian breeder so that you do not fall into the trap of purchasing a dog that was bred down in size at the cost of the dog's health. If you already have an undersized Pom, I  have special tips for taking care of him or her. 


Since the breeding world is filled with inexperienced "breeders', unethical breeders and scam artists, you have to  make sure you purchase your puppy from someone you can trust.  

Unethical breeders will go to great lengths to produce dogs who are smaller than nature intends.  This may produce a tiny Pom, however will be one who will most likely have many serious health issues.

This is done by breeding together two "runt" dogs, inbreeding and other very unethical methods. Poms under the breed standard very often have underdeveloped organs, diabetes, thyroid problems and more.  Anyone who buys or is the gift recipient of one of these Pomeranian puppies is giving a helping hand to unethical breeders. If you were not aware, and already have a miniature Pomeranian such as this, have him or her checked out at the vet ASAP.  Keep regular veterinarian checkups and keep on track with your dog's health.



                                                                               What to do if you have a Teacup Pomeranian

If you were not aware that a Teacup Pomeranian or miniature Pomeranian is not a real breed and that they are the result of runt dogs that are bred together to produce unnaturally small pups who fall far under the weight standard, remember that it is not your fault that the breeder lied to you, sadly many do so that they can obtain high-dollar for a dog breed that does not even exist.

As far as the health of your Pomeranian: be careful, take your dog to the vet often, find a good and caring vet, explain that you believe your Pomeranian may have been born premature or had nutrients withheld.  If your vet dismisses you or tells you it is not a problem, find a new vet! 

Some common health problems with miniature Pomeranians can be:  Hypoglycemia, organs that do not develop properly, high risk of infections (internal and external), tooth disease, diabetes and more.   Keep in mind, he or she can not be expected to do some of the things of larger dog:  No long walks that would put stress on the knees and ankles, no horse-play with any bigger or older dog,  keep her warm (no cold temperatures-- buy her some cozy dog clothes) , make sure you follow proper feeding  to ensure the best health- no table scraps,  hold and pick your Pomeranian up very gently.                 


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