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Waiting list for 2024 litterslitters is now openPlease contact us using our FB page for a quick reply (preferred) or email - our email is checked only once a week . 

Before sending us a message, please familiarize yourself with our website, and breeding program philosophy.

I do not respond to one sentence emails. I believe that getting a puppy from us is not just a purchase transaction, but its an adoption process. 

I want to make sure that my puppies will be placed in best homes, where they will be loved and spoiled through their life. 

Thanks! Message sent.

              The best way to follow us is to "like" our FB page, I post there all announcements ,

                photos, and many more

              - please follow the link- 10,000 Lakes Pomeranians



                                                                         ESTIMATED PRICES



                        *Black and tan - $3500-$4000

                        *Black and Chocolate parti, tris- $3500-$4000

                        *Chocolate and Tan- $3500 - $4000

                        *Lavender, lavender parti, lavender tri, lavender and tan -$5000

                        *Blue merle, blue merle parti, blue merle and tan, chocolate merle,

                            chocolate merle and tan, chocolate merle parti, lavender merle, lavender                                                         merle parti, lavender merle tri- $5000-$5500

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