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                                         Pomeranian temperament with children




      Many wonder if this breed matches well with households that have children, especially young ones. There are several aspects to this question. First, size comes into play and there are 2 sides to the coin regarding this. The small size ( 4 to 7 pounds as a full grown adult) is a benefit to those who are looking for a toy sized dog who will not intimidate young ones....Children can easily pick up the dog, take him or her for walks without being dragged by a large dog... The size of the Pom can be a good thing! On the other side of the coin, being a toy dog equals being rather fragile. Very young children who are not used to handling a dog will need to be coached very carefully in regard to picking up, walking with leash (and harness, not collar!) and other activities that could cause potential injury if done too rough. This is not a breed that can be a "rough and tumble" type pet who can be wrestled with, etc during play. Jealousy can set in, but this is true when people bring in any pet to an environment that has children. The Pomeranian may see little ones as "brothers and sisters" as opposed to owners... and this can sometimes cause behavioral issues such as nipping, not listening to commands, acting jealous for the attention of the adults, etc. This can usually be avoided if, from day one, ALL humans make it clear that they are the alphas, above the puppy or dog. This can be done by having all people in the household do the feeding. This can be split up...For example, son gives breakfast, mom gives dinner, dad gives treats. Whenever everyone is leaving the house, all humans should exit first and then the dog. When entering, all humans should enter first and then the Pom. These may seem like little things, but in the eyes of a canine, they are clear messages about who is in charge and where everyone is in regard to rank. This can avoid any negative behavior and make for a happy, calm home.

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